Questionnaire d'une louvette d'Irlande


Armita, louvette en Irlande, souhaiterait en savoir plus sur tes habitudes scoutes :

Hello, my name is Armita and I am a Cub Scout (9-12 years) in 9th Meath Ratoath in Co. Meath. I am currently working to achieve my Chief Scout Award in part of which is to find out about other cultures. Could you please forward these questions onto your Cub group or equivalent for them to answer and respond,

Thank you for your time,

Best regards,


1.       What is the name of your Cub group?

2.       What colour is your necker and do you have to wear it all the time?

3.       Do you have a uniform?

4.       How big is your group?

5.       How many sections do you have?

6.       Do you have a Scout den and how big is it?

7.       What sort of activities do you do?

8.       Are there any dangers when you go camping, for example, wildlife?

9.       Is your group in the city or in the countryside?

10.   What do you have to do in order to achieve your Chief Scout Award?

11.   Does weather affect your activities?

12.   What activities do you do?

13.   Are you allowed to use knives, axes and saws?

14.   What badges do you work on?

15.   What type of food do you cook on camp?


Nom: Armita Farren


Langue(s) parlée(s): anglais